Sensical Design & Communication is a small graphic design firm in Washington, DC, specializing in publication design for non-profits and financial-services companies.

Sensical Design & Communication is a top graphic design, publication design, branding, and web design firm in Washington, DC specializing in publication design for non-profit and financial services organizations.

Sensical Design is based in the Capitol Hill area of Washington DC. We provide a full range of graphic design services, including print publications, collateral, book design, magazine design, annual report design, branding, logos design, infographics design, and web site development. We have an excellent reputation in the community for tackling complex, challenging projects and delivering on time, on budget, and without drama. Call today at (202) 546-8049 or email to learn more about how Sensical Design can improve your visual design.

World Bank Group HiFi Ebook

cover imageWe created this online ebook for the World Bank Group’s HiFi program, showing the transformative effect that technology and innovation has on the lives of the most vulnerable. Harnessing Innovation for Financial Inclusion (HiFi) is the World Bank Group’s partnership aimed at scaling up financial inclusion on a sustainable basis through technology and innovation, funded with UK aid from the UK government.

The book is filled with compelling photos and factoids, with embedded videos and simple animations to add interest. You can see the full 120 page book in interactive flipbook format, including videos and animations, on their website. This intensive, collaborative project was written by Katherine Hutt Scott, managed by Elena Babkova and supported by Junya Yuan.



MASS/RABBLE logoFor the past few years, we have worked with innovative Baltimore theater company Submersive Productions on a pro-bono basis, helping out with typography and identity design for their productions. Submersive specializes in immersive theater experiences, where the audience doesn’t sit in seats and watch actors on a stage, but rather mingles with the performers and participates in some way in the production. Their most recent show, titled “MASS/RABBLE,” was a collaborative movement production addressing themes of migration and mass movement of people. It was a large-scale production with more than 30 performers and up to 100 audience members moving together in a giant space at the Baltimore War Memorial.

Our brief was to create a logotype that would convey the idea of mass movement and be adaptable and extendable to both print and online promotion. Our solution was to build the logo from a field of dots, with the words built from the negative space between the dots. The somewhat organized, somewhat handmade appearance of the field of dots could then be adapted to other uses.

Glenn Ricci, co-artistic director for Submersive, said, “Dan was able to take a deep understanding of our project and create a wordmark that conveyed the spirit of the show every time somebody read the title.”

Sensical Design and Communication


Israeli Embassy 70th Anniversary Book and Logo

Israeli Embassy 70th Anniversary Book and LogoFor the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Embassy in Washington in May 2018, we were asked to design a commemorative photo book and a logo. The book honors 70 Americans (or groups of Americans) that have supported Israel over the years. Each received a spread of photos and a short biographical essay. The book is not offered for sale; it was distributed as an exclusive gift by the embassy.

The logo is meant to highlight the special relationship between Israel and the U.S. It appears on the cover of the book, as you can see in the photo, and was used for the Embassy’s anniversary celebration on May 14. It was even used on a medal given to the honorees and their families. (More photos below, after the jump.)

This was a big project, on a tight turnaround, and everyone were very pleased with how it turned out. If you would like to see more of this or discuss doing something similar, please contact us.


Portfolio Updates

We took advantage of a rare quiet moment, while everyone’s busy watching the Comey hearings, to add several publication projects from the past many months to the portfolio. You can see these, logically enough, on our Portfolio page. If you click through to the portfolio on Flickr, you can download full PDFs of most of these projects and get beyond the pretty covers to the hard-working interiors.

If you like what you see, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you, or perhaps design something similar for you.


REACH International Logo and Brochure Redesign

REACH International logo redesignREACH International, a 40-year-old charity based in the Washington, DC area that sponsors children in developing countries, asked us to redesign its logo and create a new fundraising brochure. The organization is small but has global reach, and its existing identity was dated and looked rough and unprofessional.

Starting from the existing concept—a child embraced in an adult’s arms—we explored various geometric shapes that could be used for the “arms.” We eventually settled on an oval as the simplest and most evocative. Making it taller than the original logo made it less of an embrace and more like the child is reaching up, like they’re holding hands. Adding the breaks to the oval made the adult-child relationship more explicit and allowed for differentiation by color. Modern, lively typography and bright colors completed the transformation. As always, we then built it out in various orientations and formats.

REACH International brochure coverExecutive director Cheryl Jacob-Roeske said, “The logo is stunning. Initial reaction across the board was WOW! We love the clean feel of it, and the little red child with the reaching arms is really perfect for what we do. It puts the focus on the child, which is where it should be. I am already feeling very cool being associated with our REACH brand!”

For the brochure, REACH wanted something that would resonate beyond the charity’s traditional, religious base and appeal to younger, more secular donors. We worked with Deborah Brody of Deborah Brody Marketing Communications, who crafted key messages and descriptions that could be used throughout the organization, as well as brochure copy that encouraged donations and sponsorship. Lively photos and the organization’s new, brighter color palette reinforced the change. See the full brochure here.