Sensical Design & Communication is a small graphic design firm in Washington, DC, specializing in publication design for non-profits and financial-services companies.

Sensical Design & Communication is a top graphic design, publication design, branding, and web design firm in Washington, DC specializing in publication design for non-profit and financial services organizations.

Sensical Design is based in the Capitol Hill area of Washington DC. We provide a full range of graphic design services, including print publications, collateral, book design, magazine design, annual report design, branding, logos design, infographics design, and web site development. We have an excellent reputation in the community for tackling complex, challenging projects and delivering on time, on budget, and without drama. Call today at (202) 546-8049 or email to learn more about how Sensical Design can improve your visual design.

A New Venture for a New Decade

Ruka Press Lamp LogoThe new decade is here, and we at Sensical Design & Communication have decided to start it out by launching a new venture. We’ve had a great time running a graphic design business these past six years, and continue to love doing what we do. But for the past few years, we’ve also been harboring a dream. So we’ve decided to start a publishing company.

Without further preamble, then, let us introduce Ruka Press: An Illuminating Publisher. Ruka Press is a new, independent publisher of nonfiction books designed to beautifully and intelligently explain the world. We intend to publish nonfiction books with a strong information-design component for a general audience. (more…)

AIGA Salon on Sustainable Design

I will be moderating an AIGA DC Salon on the Living Principles of Sustainable Design on December 9.

In this members-only Salon, we will review AIGA’s newly-unveiled Living Principles framework to bring clarity to integrated sustainability. Our discussion will focus on what this means for working designers, the next steps in developing the framework, and how we can put these principles into action in our own practices.

Details and registration are here.

Refreshing the Brand

As you can see (if you’ve been here before), we’ve changed the design of the Website. Let’s call it Sensical 2.1. After a year with the previous design, which was adapted from a preexisting theme, we felt it was time to address some of the shortcomings. So we’ve completely rewritten the XHTML and CSS from the ground up. The new look features a more complex, sophisticated color palette and greatly improved navigation. We’ve moved the portfolio out of the sidebar and onto its own page, and given more emphasis to the “mission statement” and the contact form.

We’ve tested in various browsers (Firefox and Safari on the Mac, IE 6, 7, and 8 on the PC), but if you see any obvious problems on your system, please let us know. We’d love to hear any comments you have, good or bad. Like all Websites, this one’s a work in progress.

And please contact us if we can bring our designer’s eyes to your organization’s Website (or your print materials). We’d love to help you improve and focus your communications.

Judging the Washington Book Awards

The judges at the awardsI was honored to be part of a panel of judges this spring for the Washington Book Publishers’ Design and Effectiveness Awards. This annual competition showcases the best in DC-area book design (Sensical Design received an award last year). The four-judge panel is drawn from different areas of the profession: a publisher (this year, Gina Lindquist from Georgetown University Press), an editor (Bruce Gossett from the American Society of Civil Engineers), a bookseller or librarian (Nancy Davenport of the DC Public Library), and a designer (yours truly). This is unusual for a design competition, as it draws from voices other than just those of designers, and “effectiveness” is supposed to be as important as “design.”

Judging took place on a Friday in May. We judges pored over the 180 submitted entries to choose the winner in various categories and an overall Best of Show. The winners were then presented to a packed ballroom last Thursday, June 11.


Environmental Defense

Happy Holidays from Sensical Design.

This year (for the third year in a row), we have donated approximately 1 percent of our income to the Environmental Defense Fund to help combat climate change. Please consider joining us in support of the important work they do. With the new administration coming in, now is a critical time for action.

Read more about Sensical Design’s commitment to the enviroment here.