Sensical Design & Communication is a small graphic design firm in Washington, DC, specializing in publication design for non-profits and financial-services companies.

Sensical Design & Communication is a top graphic design, publication design, branding, and web design firm in Washington, DC specializing in publication design for non-profit and financial services organizations.

Sensical Design is based in the Capitol Hill area of Washington DC. We provide a full range of graphic design services, including print publications, collateral, book design, magazine design, annual report design, branding, logos design, infographics design, and web site development. We have an excellent reputation in the community for tackling complex, challenging projects and delivering on time, on budget, and without drama. Call today at (202) 546-8049 or email to learn more about how Sensical Design can improve your visual design.

Tainted Money

At right is the cover for the book Tainted Money: Are We Losing the War on Money Laundering and Terrorism Finance? by Avi Jorisch. This book about money laundering and terrorism financing is primarily intended for a readership of policy makers, international law enforcement officials, and bankers. The cover needed to be dramatic, simple and interesting. We wanted a strong image that captures the sinister nature of the topic, without resorting to the obvious clichés that spring to mind when envisioning money laundering: clotheslines, washing machines, and the like. The bloody cash, photographed by Stefan Klein, was perfect.

Author Avi Jorisch said, “Working with Sensical Design was nothing short of a pleasure. This is a company that delivers high quality products on time and within the proposed budget. Dan designed an eye-catching cover for my book, Tainted Money. He also designed a sleek and easy-to-follow layout for what proved to be a complicated internal structure for each chapter. This firm’s record of professionalism and success speaks for itself.”

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